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Sand to Water

Sand to Water

This is the image that started the "Untamed" series. I talk about it in the gallery's intro text:
I have been flying with my friends on the shores of Istanbul in my paramotor since the year 2003. We prefer the Black Sea coast because the wind usually blows from the northeast. There is a long coastal area which we often fly over. Every time I pass I am surprised that we have not yet seen people and vehicles even though it is close to Istanbul, and I think “It means it is a region forbidden or difficult to get at.” All of the places outside of that region are occupied by mines, constructions and residential areas and have already lost their natural condition. Sometimes we land on that untouched beach, swim and take off again during summer. In February of 2016 after taking an impressive photograph of the area from the air, I wondered “What other areas are there like this one in this paradise country of ours?" and began researching.
Watch me fly over this area:
Zen in the Air
Behind the scenes footage: