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I have been scuba diving since 1977. I got my first waterproof professional underwater camera, a Nikonos V, in 1985. Photographing the magical underwater world has always been a passion of mine. I have dived in the colorful underwater heavens of the Red Sea, Southeast Asia and the Pacific islands for the sole purpose of underwater photography. In this gallery, I share with you my favorite underwater images.
Bubble Coral ShrimpDolphinCorallimorphariaTitan TriggerfishRed Sea BannerfishWhite Soft Coral CrabParrotfishNumidiaScalefin AnthiasHumphead WrasseCrown of ThornsBlack and White SnapperMantaHovering TurtleTeshio MaruTwobar AnemonefishMorayFinFoxface RabbitfishCoral Hind