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The world was a strange place to be in when the Covid-19 hit. Soon after the pandemic started I felt the need to document the anomalous times for future generations. I hiked the streets of Istanbul, boarded ferries and peeked at the empty Bosphorus when in lockdown. I photographed the isolated streets and made videos documenting the experience.

I visited three important areas of the megacity which are normally extremely busy, Taksim/Beyoglu, Galata Bridge/Golden Horn and Bosphorus/Kadikoy to capture the atmosphere caused by the isolation and the silent confusion in the air.

Check out the YouTube videos that follow my making of the images:
Documenting the Isolation-Taksim
Documenting the Isolation #2-Galata Bridge
Documenting the Isolation #3-Bosphorus and Kadikoy
Bosphorus Time-Lapse in Quarantine
LockedTaksim in IsolationBare BeyogluLonely BridgeFerryQuiet KadikoyLonesome BullSundown in LockdownEmpty SeatsBosphorus-Not LakeFun Times Are Missed