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Print Dimensions:
12x18 inch (approx. 30x45 cm)
16x24 inch (approx. 40x60 cm)
20x30 inch (approx. 50x75 cm)
24x36 inch (approx. 60x90 cm)
Edition size is 20 independent of print dimension.
Larger dimensions available. Please inquire.

This gallery presents photographs from my first solo exhibiton "Dreamworld".

For my first fine art photography series I felt a very strong urge to do a female and nude study in black and white. The exhibit ended up receiving a huge attention by art lovers and the media.

A reviewer wrote "These are the photographs of a slow moving time and the revival of the body next to the water. Somewhere beyond the world. Hidden and extraterrestrial photographs. Distance. Mystery. A moment difficult to name, timeless, hidden. If we look at it by breaking it up, we're catching the woman's strength, pride, a bit of a challenging stance and glances. The woman is naked, but she herself does not reveal much of her emotions. Nature creates an atmosphere. A little spooky and a little mysterious. It doesn't behave like the pieces of nature that we know. This nature doesn’t convey familiar and easy emotions like sunny, smiling or rainy, sad. All of the photographs have contrast. In the light, the woman's stance against nature, nudity and the preservation of mystery…"
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