Aerial Adana 2021

April 07, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Five years ago, I went to Adana with a special invitation for the "Orange Blossom Carnival" and made my AERIAL ADANA photography series by flying in my paramotor. I was asked again this year to video capture Adana from the air with my paramotor for the carnival which was held online. We started off by making plans with my friend sculptor Kemal Tufan. My aim was to include Kemal in the shoots while flying. The weather was suitable for flying for just three or four days of the week that we reserved for the project. We devoted our first flight day to the most beautiful part of Adana. After a nice flight and video shoot, it was really surprising that many security people met us in the park where we landed. They have wondered about us. We did not have any problems. However, the proximity of Adana and the surrounding regions to the Southeast clearly showed us the sensitivity in such matters. Realizing that we would not be able to shoot as we wanted in the next two days, we ate our kebab, visited the orange groves and returned to Istanbul.

Here is a short video that I prepared from our single flight:


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