"Third Eye" series stereo 3D photographs are on the website!

February 27, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

I have added the photographs from the "Third Eye" series in the galleries since glossy metal prints are now available at the series' required sizes.

I am always in a state of exploring. It could be pyhsical exploration such as traveling and flying or it could be exploring new ideas and techniques like I have done with this series. The series consist of side by side images that look similar but are actually different. When one looks at them with the help of a stereo viewer, the brain combines the two images and a new 3D image with new colors appears.

I have created the images to hold on their own but if you want to see the combined 3D image you can easily get a stereo viewer like the one here.

Third-Eye series have custom print dimensions. Please inquire for ordering information.



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