We won a Graphis Award!

April 17, 2019  •  2 Comments

The book which we made for Calik Denim won a Graphis Award!

The “30 Years 30 Talents” book which we produced for Calik Denim’s 30th year won Silver Award at Graphis Awards and took its place in the Graphis Design Annual 2019. Graphis is committed to presenting and promoting the work of exceptional talent in Design, Advertising, Photography and Art/Illustration since 1944.

Calik Denim has realised the “Denim Loves Art” project in it’s 30th year for the purpose of combining the denim fabric with the power of art and design by working together with thirty young artists from the world’s leading design, textile and interior design schools. The designers made their creations in their individual disciplines by exploring different aspects of the denim fabric.

I joined the project for photographing the 30 creations, and Yetkin Başarır for designing a Calik Denim 30th year book introducing the project. We agreed on first photographing the creations in the studio for book and exhibition use and then different exterior locations in Istanbul for the book. Our purpose was to underline the Turkey and Istanbul connection of Calik Denim who conducts business in the international arena.

Our goal in the studio shoot was to reveal the features of the creations and obtain dramatic photographs by utilizing different angles of view and creative lighting against a black background. The fact that the works were very different from each other required mastery of the shooting technique. Through the hard work of a core crew and contributions of Pınar Demirel ve Selen Ergül of Calik Denim we got the images that we wanted in three days.

For outdoor images, we shot with four models for three days by going around with an open mind in both Anatolian and European sides of Istanbul, from the Black Sea to the Marmara. We allowed our feelings to lead us by thinking about the use of photographs in the book. We achieved our challenging goal with the devotion of our team including Begüm Yamanlar, Ege Yüce and Selen Ergül once more.

With the editorial work of Gümrah Şengün and top-notch book design by Yetkin Başarır, we have at hand a permanent work which we are proud of.


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