I just finished shooting for my new exhibition "UNTAMED" coming in September.

August 29, 2018  •  3 Comments

I finished shooting for my new exhibition coming in September titled “UNTAMED”. I could not fly in this place last year as it was too windy. I am very glad that I did this time. The exhibit will take place in FMV Işık Gallery on 18-29 September in Istanbul.

I shot aerial images by flying in my paramotor of natural areas in the Black Sea, Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey where there is little or no human disturbance. These large areas where land meets water are either protected or just left alone. In any event, they are under constant threat of extinction by the influence of human population and greed. The natural wealth created when nature is left alone is the material of my new photography series.


Ali Kabas
Hi Alexandra, I did not know you were in Budapest. The camera that follows me is on something like a kite tied to the wing with a rope. It's called a chase cam. You can see it in the video after time 1:00.

I am excited about the exhibit. You will hear when the photographs are on this website.

Best wishes
Alexandra Ivanoff(non-registered)
Hi Ali! Very exciting and beautiful footage! Do you use the sevices of a videographer, or is the camera on a device that follows you? Sorry I can’t be in Istanbul for the exhibit:(( All best to you from Budapest, Alexandra
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