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Stone Bridge Fine Art Aerial Photograph Print

Stone Bridge

Stone Bridge (Taşköprü) is a Roman-era monument combining the eastern and western facades on the Seyhan River in the city center of Adana. It is stated that the bridge, considered as the symbol of Adana, was built by Architect Auxentus for Emperor Hadrian in 384 AD and was extensively repaired in the time of Emperor Justinianus. The bridge which is located on the Seyhan River and had originally 21 arches now serves as a 14 arch bridge due to seven arches remaining underground during the river rehabilitation. When first constructed the bridge was half as narrow and was later widened. The 310 meter long bridge which was repaired several times in the Ottoman period still continues to serve today. - During my childhood, we passed through the Stone Bridge almost every day while going to Karataş for the sea. The bridge, now closed to vehicle traffic, is the most important symbol of Adana for me... Of course I had to shoot it in a different and impressive way. I calculated the proper time on a sunny day and took off from the big green area of ​​the Seyhan Park with the help of my son Murat. I isolated the bridge inside the blue green shades of the Seyhan River with my telephoto lens. The people on it added extra color and richness.
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