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So many empty walls in so many homes and offices waiting to be decorated with art and bring joy to people!

Photography is one art form that opens up gateways to fantastic new worlds on walls.

Plus, photography is the affordable art form.

Yet, I totally understand when people are hesitant when deciding which art to buy to live with. I myself would ask questions like, is the artist known, is it a good value, is it a good investment, will it keep its value, is the print high quality and archival, what will my friends think about it, and so on... It's not easy. The art buying process entails trust. Trust in oneself and trust in the artist.

That's where I come in. Collectors around the world have purchased and enjoyed my art through direct requests and my solo gallery exhibitions for many years. Now I present my art for online ordering direct to collectors in this easy to use website. Hopefully it will bring joy to your life!


Coming from a family of artists, I am an award winning fine art photographer based in Istanbul.

My love of the visual arts and photography began at my early age. Receiving a Bachelor of Science degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and an MBA degree from Columbia University, my lifelong passion for photography took over and changed the way I see the world and the way I live my life. It was before the turn of the millennium when I dived head-on to being a full time photographer. I have traveled the world to exotic locations shooting stock photography, shot assignments for multinational clients and giants like Getty, and always kept creating personal fine art photographs that touched my heart along the way.

Besides taking photographs, I enjoy teaching photography and lead workshops. I have served numerous times as a jury member in photography contests.

My fine art photography was featured in my personal exhibitions:

2016 “Aerial Adana”, International Orange Blossom Carnival, Adana
2012 “Third Eye”, PG Art Gallery, Istanbul
2008 “High Angle”, PG Art Gallery, Istanbul
2006 “Recto-Verso”, PG Art Gallery, Istanbul
2005 “A Celebration of Istanbul”, St. Regis Hotel and the Turkish Culture and Tourism Office, New York
2005 “Mound-Silent Villages”, PG Art Gallery, Istanbul
2002 “DreamWorld”, PG Art Gallery, Istanbul

I also have a web site featuring my commercial photography:

You can see me creating art in my studio, on location, up in the air flying in my paramotor or scuba diving underwater.

Artist Statement

Photography is the art of selection!

My fine art photography is diverse, capturing the aura of the natural world, people, and its possessions; telling stories in a graphic yet natural quality; and presented in contemporary methods.

My latest fine art work is focused on aerial images which I have captured and created whilst flying in my paramotor. Flying gives me such ultimate unique views thus allowing me to practice “the art of selection” from our world in a way one wouldn’t experience otherwise.

I aim to show the intricacies that nature and the human element hold through my photography.