Fine Art Photography

    Photography is the art of selection.
    My fine art photography is diverse, capturing the aura of the natural world, people, and its possessions; telling stories in a graphic yet natural quality; and presented in contemporary methods.
    My latest fine art work is focused on aerial images which I have captured and created whilst flying in my paramotor. Flying gives me such ultimate unique views thus allowing me to practice “the art of selection” from our world in a way one wouldn’t experience otherwise.
    I aim to show the intricacies that nature and the human element hold through my photography. 
    Many distinct art lovers who are collectors of my work have said, that through my photographs they are given in their own homes an enigmatic window to new worlds in art form. 
    Whether you just enjoy following my journey as an artist, love learning about fine art photography, or collect my prints, welcome and thank you for stopping by.